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Aluminium Sheets – Most Expensive Metal On Earth?

Aluminium Sheets – Most Expensive Metal On Earth?

Aluminium Sheets was More Expensive than Gold?

Did you know that aluminium sheets that we can see around us were once more valuable than gold?

Aluminum is available in 8% of the Earth’s crust, which is a common material. However, the difficult process of extracting pure aluminium made it extremely valuable.


History of Aluminium Metals

In the 1820s, a German chemist succeeded in extracting a small portion of aluminium from the ore. Since then, people started to adore the lustre of this new material. Hence, aluminium metal to ranked as a precious metal along with gold and silver.

In the past, Napoleon III once considered producing aluminium weapons for the military. This is due to the durability and lightweight capabilities of aluminium. However, he soon gave up due to the great cost and difficulties in doing so. Then, he reserved a part of extracted aluminium as cutleries for special guests. During that time, the less favoured guests were given gold knives and forks instead.

Besides, aluminium plays a significant role for Washington Monument in 1884. The top of the obelisk is built with 2.8kg of aluminium.

All these proves the great value of aluminium during that time.


Since aluminium was once more valuable than gold, what might have happened for it to be so popular today?


Mass Production of Aluminium Sheets

In the year of 1880s, United States and Europe figured out a way to mass extract aluminium. The discovery impacted the history of aluminium metals.

The entrepreneurs learnt to run current through a liquid with aluminium ore to separate the molecules. This allows the monthly aluminium production from 0.2 kg to 650 kg!

After the mass production, aluminium that once cost up to $1200 per kg soon dropped to $1 per kg.

Thanks to the drop of the market price, we now have the world with aluminium as base materials for our products.

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General Usage of Aluminum

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Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in our world. The production of aluminium to meet demands had exceeded all metals except iron.

However, aluminium is almost always alloyed for our usage. It is because the pure aluminium is too malleable and infeasible for manufacturer usage. Utilizing the alloys consist of 92% to 99% of aluminium, we have a durable and light weighted metal for us. Following are the example of the usage of aluminium sheets:

  •         Transportation – Automobiles and aircrafts
  •         Packaging – Drinking cans, aluminium foil

Aluminium Container

  •         Containers – Food and beverages

Aluminium Container For Food

  •         Constructions – windows, doors, sidings, and building wires
  •         Household items – cooking utensils
  •         Musical instruments
  •         Coins

Aluminum’s role in the Future

Based on the facts, aluminium’s role for humanity faced drastic ups and downs over the years. What’s next?

The science and technology have improved greatly over the decades. And now it manufactured a kind of transparent aluminium material. This provides a stronger armour and windshields for military vehicles. Based on their testing, this material is stronger than bullet-proof glass but lighter. Currently, the only obstacle is the production cost. It is still too great for casual household usage in the current age.


However, we will never know how  technology will evolve in the future. Perhaps there will be a day where transparent aluminium sheets may be applied in all automobiles.


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