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How to choose an Aluminium Supplier – Aluminium Foil and Aluminium Products in Malaysia

How to choose an Aluminium Supplier – Aluminium Foil and Aluminium Products in Malaysia

Whether you’re looking for an aluminium foil supplier in Malaysiaaluminium composite panels or aluminium sheets, choosing a good supplier is an important step that will not only bring down costs, but also facilitate smooth operations.   

And if you’re a manufacturer, procuring high-quality materials will result in better products. Low-quality products will reflect poorly on your company, making it less competitive and possibly even permanently damaging its reputation.

Here are a few important characteristics that you should look for in a supplier before making your purchase:

1. Has intimate knowledge of aluminium.

Perhaps more important than pricing, it is important to find an aluminium foil and aluminium product supplier that has a good understanding of their product. A supplier with in-depth knowledge of aluminium and its products will be able to provide expert advice on the quality of aluminium. They will also know how to pack and transport the metal without damaging it. 

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2. Quotes competitive prices.

If a supplier is quoting prices that are far lower than market prices then it’s likely that they are selling you a low-quality product. As suppliers are required by law to provide transparent details on how they arrive at their pricing (i.e. cost of raw aluminium, processing, packaging and shipping), the only way they can further lower their prices further is lowering the quality of their product.

Unscrupulous suppliers also often quote impossible low prices and make guarantees that they have no intention of keeping. An example are suppliers that sell recycled aluminium without a certification of purity, in which case it’s your fault if you make a purchase from them.

If you’re not buying in bulk, paying slightly more would make complete financial and business sense if the project is time critical, or simply for convenience. However, if you are buying bulk for mass manufacturing then it’s probably not worth the higher price.       

3. Professional and Responsive.

Find a responsible supplier that conducts its business in a professional manner. A good supplier will always make deliveries on time and without errors. The last thing you need is to receive a shipment that doesn’t match your requirements.

The supplier should also inform you of any delay in shipment in a timely manner and respond to any queries you have quickly and honestly. Having good customer service shows that the supplier takes its clients seriously.

Your supplier should also understand your business and recommend the exact product that you need – and not up-sell something unnecessary to make more profit.

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