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Spray Painting Aluminium Composite Panels.

Spray Painting Aluminium Composite Panels.

aluminium composite panels spray gun 1A question that manufacturer of aluminium composite panels often get is whether their panels come in more colours than the ones in stock. It’s a valid request, and one that can obliged. The two most common methods used to change the colours of aluminium composite panels; flood coat in sign vinyl and spray painting.

Getting a panel re-coloured is a relatively straightforward affair without any hidden mastery skill. Laminating an aluminium in sign vinyl is the quickest way of getting this done, but if you decide to spray paint then the quality of the finished product depends a lot on your skill, effort and patience.

Here’s how you’ll go about spray painting aluminium composite panels:

1. In a well-ventilated work space out of direct sunlight, place the aluminium panel on a non-abrasive surface like a rubber mat to prevent scratching its surface.

2. Thoroughly clean the aluminium surface with soap and water to remove grease and grime.

3. Polish the aluminium surface with 180-220 grit sandpaper.

4. Mix the primer components in a plastic container (e.g. MP4-2k, MP-550 or MP-600).

5. Filter mixed primer through a paper funnel into the can of a paint spray gun. 

6. While wearing protective eye wear, use the paint spray gun to apply etch primer to aluminium surface (note: etching primers are used to create an adhesion surface on metal surfaces and aren’t used to fill gouges or scratches).

7. Select the paint colour of choice. Keep the paint nozzle about 10-12 inches and perpendicular to the aluminium surface.

8. Perform a test spray and adjust the equipment as necessary. Apply the paint by quickly moving in long straight strokes to ensure an even application of paint. Always apply a thin layer of paint first and add additional layers where needed. A heavy coat of paint may sag and dry unevenly and peels easily after it dries.

9. Finish with project with a coating of paint enamel to protect it from weather variations.

*feature image via Jinhu Group.

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