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AMS hardware Sdn Bhd, the brain child of AMS  Light Metal Sdn Bhd ( Malaysia ) and Asia Metal solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore), was established to cater to retail needs of metal solutions in various format : extrusion profiles, baby coils, tube, rod, various surface finishes and etc:

With profound experience and insights into metal covering aluminium, cooper, carbon steel and other, the shareholders of AMS hardware sdn bhd & AMS group of companies are committed to deliver solutions to retail metal users, Not Limiting in Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on material order and provide good customer services.

Industries that have been penetrated by AMS group of companies spanning over from electronics, fabrication, consumer products, leisure products , automotive to construction sector. As long as there is usage of metal in South East Asia , there is presence of AMS brand either via retail AMS hardware Sdn Bhd or AMS group of companies.

AMS金属制品私人有限公司为AMS轻金属(马)私人有限公司及亚洲金属材料(新)私人有限公司的子公司。公司成立的宗旨是为了应付各方面的金属材料零售需求, 计有挤压型材,金属线圈,金属管, 金属棒,多种金属表面加工及其他材料。

AMS金属制品私人有限公司及AMS公司集团董事成员拥有铝, 铜, 碳钢等材料的丰富经验和见解, 他们尽心尽力为零售金属客户提供解决方案, 不局限于最低订货量, 并提供良好客户服务。

AMS公司集团的业务横跨电子,制造, 消费产品,休闲产品,汽车及建筑领域,只要东南亚地区有金属材料的需求,AMS品牌旗下零售商AMS金属制品私人有限公司或AMS公司集团会提供协助。



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