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Industrial Uses of Aluminium Sheets and Aluminium Composite Panels

The production of aluminium sheets is a simple process that involves pressing raw aluminium between high powered rollers where it is flattened into thinner and longer sheets.

Despite it’s simplicity, aluminium sheets are an invaluable resource to modern industry. Aluminium sheets are used extensively in the automotive, packaging, heavy machinery, construction and aviation industries.

Plain, processed aluminium sheets are acquired by all of aluminium industry’s major markets to be used in a wide variety of applications. Among these products are aluminium composite panels, which is one of the most common products of aluminium sheets.



As people start to recognize the importance fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, more and more automotive manufacturers have begun using more aluminium in their designs.

The lightweight properties and cost effectiveness of aluminium sheets makes it ideal for the construction of lightweight vehicles. Aluminium composite panels made from these sheets are used in the construction of the bonnet and other structural components.

Aluminium sheets have the ability to reduce weight at the front end of the vehicles, thereby providing higher acceleration that can minimize a fuel consumption and subsequently improve fuel economy.

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Modern aircraft and the aerospace industry benefits significantly from the use of aluminium. Aluminium sheets are used in literally every part of a modern aircraft, including wing panes, fuselage, feeding blocks, doors, ball bearings, engine turbines and etc.

Aircraft need to be as light as possible while still having the necessary structural strength, and aluminium is ideal for this, which can compose up to 75-80% of its entirety. Aside from improving fuel efficiency, aluminium is also highly resistant to corrosion.



The ease of shaping aluminium sheets gives the packaging industry a lot of versatility. From fancy cans to unique packaging

In addition, aluminium sheets are completely recyclable, which saves a lot of energy and has a very small carbon footprint. Its high resistance to corrosion, anti-bacterial surface and non-toxic properties also make it ideal when it’s used to package food and drinks, such as bottle caps, containers, cans and medication packaging.

12 Apr 2022