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Different Uses Of Aluminum and Why It Is Replacing Other Elements

Aluminum is the earth’s most abundant metal. And with an aluminium supplier Malaysia and in other parts of the world, it is very much accessible. It is also recyclable and only consumes 5% of energy to complete the process. What is even more advantageous is that an aluminum plate Malaysia can be recycled many times over without any changes in its characteristics and quality.

For these reasons, it is logical for aluminum to be used in many applications. When availability is not a problem, a lot of things can be produced and done. No wonder aluminum has replaced steel in ways.

Aluminum is lighter than steel. This is why it has been used throughout the automotive and aerospace industries. Its minimum weight contributes to significant improvement in performance and characteristics of cars and airplanes.

Aerodynamics in cars, for instance, can be improved with the use of aluminum. Covering the underside of a car with a sheet of aluminum, which is likely to be made from aluminum plate Malaysia, can greatly reduce drag, which helps cars flow on the road. And that’s not all.

  • There is significant improvement on fuel economy, because a vehicle is lighter when it is made of aluminum.
  • CO2 emissions can be reduced when vehicle use phase energy consumption is also reduced, something that cars using aluminum intensive vehicle (AIV) technology can guarantee.
  • Less corrosive than steel, an aluminum car is sure to last longer or have a longer useful life.

How does aluminum compare with steel?

  • Cost-wise, it is more expensive than steel.
  • It is more malleable and elastic, suitable for use for items that need to be shaped and molded.
  • It is stronger than steel where spinning is concerned. Aluminum can be pushed to the limits without cracking or ripping.
  • It doesn’t require any form of treatment to fight against corrosion. It is already corrosion resistant in itself.
  • Aluminum is lighter and less dense than steel.

Aluminum can be mixed with other metals to improve its performance. To keep a car or airplane’s engine lightweight yet resistant to very high heat, mix aluminum with copper. This would also make an engine hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Food packaging requires a material that is easy to shape, which would be hard to achieve with pure aluminum, as it would be very soft. In this case, magnesium is thrown into the mix. The finished product would be easy to shape, although not as strong as the alloy used on car engines.

Combining aluminum with boron produces a cheaper material to carry electricity from the power plant to home, offices and other end points.

Using aluminum all by itself is not always possible, but by mixing other metals with aluminum its applications significantly increase. What is combined with it depends on the product that would be made.

Although aluminum is generally more expensive than steel, despite it being highly available, it remains to be an important metal and raw material.

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12 Apr 2022