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Aluminum Plates Grade 6061

Aluminum Plates Grade 6061


To differentiate plate versus sheet, plate is categorized as thickness more than 5 mm and above . AMS carries aluminium plate from 5 mm till 200 mm , with common width of 1525 mm and length of 3050 mm . Common alloys are 5052, 5083, 6061 and 7075 .

Aluminium plate is used in various industries , from marine, mold making , transportation, construction , engineering till electrical / electronics .

To be responsive with market , AMS tries its best to deliver to clients place within a week in Peninsular Malaysia  

AMS offers 3 standards of quality :  AMS UltraLite ( thickness control within 0.015 plus minus mm ) , AMS common plate ( according to ASTM standard )   and cast plate .

Cast plates are used in high-end industries which require consistent control of thickness and flatness tolerance

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